Server Hosting

Our Managed Hosting Platform

Interactive Horizons Managed Hosting Platform is designed for high availability networks with intensive application or web hosting service demands. Successful companies rely on our Managed Service Platform to meet and exceed their buisness and network needs.

Proactive Support Platform

Interactive Horizons Hosting devotes over 70% of its total resources to support services in order to achieve the industry’s highest customer satisfaction and customer retention rates. The best way to accomplish this is by investing in quality support personnel and taking the proactive approach. Interactive Horizons reinforces this commitment by making customer satisfaction levels a significant component of staff and management compensation.

Managed Services Platform

Interactive Horizons Windows administrators proactively manage each server. Your Technical Account Manager and Technical Account Team provide a full range of behind-the-scenes managed services to try and make sure each server remains a worry free hosting environment for our managed hosting clients. Many of these managed hosting services are not available or cost hundreds (even thousands) of dollars a month from other managed hosting providers.

Core Infrastructure Platform

The high quality of Interactive Horizons Hosting’s Managed Hosting platform begins at the Infrastructure layer. Interactive Horizons has world-class hosting facilities in downtown Toronto which feature fully redundant power, cooling systems, as well as state-of-the-art INTERNAP networking technology and multiple fiber feeds to over seven Internet providers, including MCI, Shaw Business Solutions and Savvis.

Data Center Services

Toronto Data Center
Interactive Horizons Toronto data center is located in downtown Toronto. This Data Center is one of North America’s most connected buildings with 9 unique fiber-optic networks and more than 7,000 strands of fiber entering the building. Specifically designed to support telecoms,  has advanced power, cooling and security systems to ensure 24/7 operations. These systems include: 24/7 uniformed security guards and a man-trap at the entrance to building, a standby 325-ton centrifugal chiller and two 4000/5000 KVA transformers fed by dual underground 13.8 Kv feeder lines from fault-tolerant substations.